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Arcwelder – Hint Taken lyrics

(music w graber/s macdonald, words s macdonald)
It seems one day that you'll be spitting the next day you are sitting
Next to him holding his hand
It all adds up to aggravating it all adds up to irritating
I'm afraid I don't understand
One day you say that you hate him the next week you act like you love him
Why can't you make up your damn mind
Before my company was welcome today I am an imposition
Happens to me all of the time

Hear all the sights , see all the sounds
I'll always be frustrated again

I throw myself into the fire and I will burn for my desire
Fall to my death upon the rocks
These setbacks take their toll upon me I try too hard and I will
Finally trap myself here with my own locks
What I've seen really shouldn't matter you'd think that I had always had her
Why must I always feel so hurt
I never have to ask for heartache I stop to dream and I get heartbreak
Clouds won't keep me from hitting dirt

Hear all the sights , see all the sounds
I'll always be frustrated again

I understand it that you don't understand it and it's weighing heavy on your heart
What can I tell you that I don't have answers but I guess you knew that from the start

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