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Aqua Timez – Alones lyrics

Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi
Aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa
Mou dareka no tame janakute
Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

Izen to shite shinobiyoru kodoku
Uchigawa ni tomoru rousoku
Nigiwau ba ni gouka na shanderia to wa urahara ni
Tarinai kotoba no
Kubomi o nani de umetara ii n' darou
Mou wakaranai yo
Semete yume no naka de
Jiyuu ni oyogetara anna sora mo iranai no ni
Kinou made no koto wo
Nuritsubusa nakute mo asu ni mukaeru no ni

Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi
Aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa

Mou dareka no tame ja nakute
Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

Rettoukan to no wakai wa
Kantan ni wa kanawanaisa
Jiishiki no teppen ni suwaru
Kagami ga utsusu hanabira
Furishiboru you ni
Kogoreta ai wo sakende miru keredo
Meguru toki no naka de
Kizuguchi wa yagate
Kasabuta ni kawatte iku
Kimi wa sore o matazu
Totemo utsukushiku
Totemo hakanage de

Hagare ochita ato no
Ubuge no you ni
Hiwamari no naka de furueru inori
Ima wa muri ni dareka no koto
Ai sou to omowanakute ii no ni


Toki ni kono sekai wa
Ue wo muite
Aruku ni wa sukoshi mabushii sugiru ne
Shizumu you ni
Me wo fuseru to
Kawaita chimen ga namida wo susuru
Why do we feel so
Alone everytime
Subete wo uketomenakutemo ii yo
Why do we feel so
Alone everytime
Koraeru koto dakedo
Yuuki ja nai

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Submitted bysmithery
Corrected bychampion9124


  • o
    Your fragile, folded wings are just tired from the pure blue sky. You don't have to force your smiles for anyone. It's okay to smile for yourself.
    Hearing your sweet voice didn't always hurt. It's too late to block from the inside. I want to take back our time, but luck and karma are against me. There are no words, but your eyes can't hide what you want to say. I don't even know anymore. Try to bury it deep down, okay? We don't need that sky if we're free to swim. Even if you won't talk about yesterday, I'll still be there to meet you tomorrow.
    Your fagile, folded wings are just tired from the pure blue sky. You don't have to force your smiles for anyone. It's okay to smile for yourself.
    Inferiority, complexes and reconciliations aren't things that will come true so easily. The mirror that remains at the top of the self-conciousness reflects flower petals. It looks like my voice is strained from trying to cut out an impure love. It's irritating. In these changing times, wounds will soon turn into scabs. Without waiting for that to happen, you're so beautiful and so fleeting.
    Prayers shiver in the sun, like traces of down that have come loose. It's alright to not think about loving someone as being too much for you right now.
    Sometimes this world is a liitle too bit dazzling to walk looking upward in. When you cast your eyes down, as though sinking, the dry ground slurps up your tears.
    *Why do we feel so lone anytime?*
    You don't have to take on everything.
    *Why do we feel so lone anytime?*
    Just putting up with it isn't courage.
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  • u
    Saying in this song that he/she is too tired to watch their self in the mirror with such a lonesome face, he/she is just pretending to smile just to say to their friends 'I'm just fine', what they do not know is their friends are too really bothering them. I just remember in bleach main storyline that inoue is pretending to be okay just to remind her friends that she is alright, yet deep inside her she's not that too much enjoying her life, she is always lonely when her friends is not around.
    "i think i'll dedicate this song to those who are alone in thier life.
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  • u
    I'm a nigerian but I watch a lotta anime. I just don't watch d anime alone, but I take time to listen to the opening and ending themes. After which, I download the songs. Watching anime has really made me love japan and it has taught me a lot. I don't know d meaning of the songs but, I have a playlist of japanese songs. I derive pleasure and I feel lifted from listenin to them despite not knowing d lyrics or what they mean. (not like I care but, a lotta people consider me weird for this). Aqua timez are my favourite. I love their songs but the two I like d most are velonica and this alones. I try singing along but I suck at it. This is why I am trying to learn d lyrics of the songs, so I can sing along better. Wish me luck!
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  • m
    Yr fragile folded wings are just tired frm the pure blue sky you dun hv 2 force a smile to anyone, its ok 2 smile 4 yrself. That feeling keeps creeping up on me, a single candle still burns inside, there shouldnt be an expensive chandelier in a wild place like this, can I really bury it all with empty words, I dun even know anymore, even if you can't let go ofthe past, i'll still be there 2 meet you 2morow,(repea chorus).
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