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Antigone Rising – Feel Like I Know Nothin' lyrics

Well I think, about things
in fragments, with pictures
I get worried, I get happy
I get nervous, and then I get tired
when I think (I know everything)
but when I speak ( I don't say very much)
Feel like I know nothin'
well, who's there (who's knockin')
to talk to?
well, who's there (who's ringin')
when I call?
You're my best friend
you're my worst enemy
you're always at my mercy
to do what I want to do

well that's good (do you think so?)
well that's bad (light another cigarette)
feel like I know nothin'
feel like I know nothin'

caught in the crossfire
between right and wrong
living the good life
but can you tell me how long
this is all gonna go on
taking for granted, the time, the love and the passion
I'm handed
it's a cool frustration
if you use a bit of your imagination
it's a self relation, it's a love that I'm chasing
now ain't that something

So I live and I learn
and I take the best and the worst of times
find the humor, ignore the pain
find the crazy,a md baby ignore the sane
Hey I'm here (make your mark now)
Hey I'm gone (some will cry and some won't care)
well that's good (do you think so?)
no, that's bad (light another cigarette)
feel like I know nothin'

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