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Anthony Green – Moon Song lyrics

Underneath the moon I've called a thousand different names
None of them ever answer me back
In the night time I know
A familiar kind of peace
Oh, like it's something I used to have.

I'm poised in a proposition I don't know
Any detail...
I'm caught in a mess hall that I can't keep
Healthy and clean, ooo...

Lay beside the river bed and maybe I will sleep.
Oh, if my mind could just forget.
I spend so much time focused on how I should remember
Oh, what a burden that has been
I'm born in a body that I can't stand...
Up straight.
I'm caught in a situation I don't know,
How I got in to.
Oh I live in a home without any doors...
Free me, free me ohhh

The river is building the flow
It's growing as high as it will go
Bending and twisting, oh oh oh
Storm isn't over, no.
The storm isn't over, no...
Kos the storm isn't over, oh.
Oh no oh love,
I was buried in it all.
Oh love,
I was buried in it all.

Lay down, lay down.
Lay down, ohhh ohh ohhh oh
Lay down, lay down.
Lay down, ohhh ohh...

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