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Annihilator – Battered lyrics

Help me, I'm shattered again, life is dripping out of me
A pounding like never before, it's time to end the agony
A whipped dog, programmed to obey, I've got to do this right
Got to retaliate, find the strength and mount a fight

Battered, got to fight back
You are battered, a vicious attack

Living in a fantasy world, it's all but make-believe
Stalking, never let me go, hunt me down if I try to leave
Insults add to injury, relive it again and again
The sentence will be bloody and swift, it's time to put this all to an end

Got to find the strength inside,
Just one more chance, I'm getting tired
I'm not going to take it anymore
No more

Help me, I'm shattered again, I've got to take control
No more, the end of the pain, I must re-claim my soul
Tell me, my life is coming back, am I the chosen one
Begging for mercy, I did what had to be done

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