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Annie – Let's Go To The Movies lyrics

Grace: Cowboy heroes,
Cops and robbers,
Glamour and strife,
Bigger than life!
Sitting in the darkness,
What a world to see!
Let's go to the movies,
Annie, wait and see.

Bette Davis is probably lying,
And Greta Garbo is probably crying,
While Robert Taylor
Is locked in her dying embrace.
Chico and Groucho
And Chaplin and Lloyd
Are all super.
Sweet Mickey Mouse,
Shirley Temple,
And dear Jackie Cooper.

Annie: Let's go to the movies...

Both: Let's go see the stars

Grace: Fred and Ginger
Spinning madly...
Anything you
Can imagine...
Songs and romance.
Life is the dance.
Sitting in the darkness,
Popcorn on your knee!
Give the maid the night off!

Warbucks: Turn the kitchen light off!

Grace and Warbucks: Let's go to the movies,
Annie, you and me!

Ushers: Welcome to the movies!
Welcome to the stars!
Welcome to this
Grand illusion.
All of it's yours
Right through these doors!
Every plot's a dilly,
This we guarantee!
Welcome to the movies
Wait and see.

Female chorus: Let's go to the movies (see the movies)
Let's go see the stars.
Red lights holler
Deep Depression
What do we care?
Movies are there!
Only happy endings (boy gets girl, yes)
That's our recipe!
Welcome to a lovely

Male chorus: Let's go to the movies

Female chorus (same time as guys): We love to go
To rko

Male chorus: Let's go see the stars

Female chorus (simultaneously): Jack Warner and
Fred Goldwyn and
Mgm and Paramount

Both: Dreams of glory,
Cast of thousands,
Bigger than life.
Bigger than life!
Only happy endings
That's our recipe
So, welcome
To the movies

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    I'm doing this song for my musical theater at my dance school.
    People tinks dancing is pretty g** me I thinks its a great talent to have don't you wish you could ever dance like some people I do lyal t
    thanks if you rate me if you don't rate me or you put a thubms down then oh well wot can I do lol thanks for looking lyal bye.
    Oh the meaning of this song is there is no meaning at all its just a cute song lol.
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