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Animaniacs – What Are We lyrics

Wakko: Maybe we are dogs
Cute little dogs with ears
Woof woof! (pant)
And little tails that we can wag
Hey! Let's go fetch his slippers and play tag!
Drsns: Hey, get off of me!

Dot: Maybe I'm a cat
Whaddaya think of that?
A lovely cat that all the world adores
And here's my kitty paws
With little kitty claws
Which I like to sharpen on your couch!
Drsns: Augghh! That's not funny!

Yakko: Maybe I'm a bunny
Hopping 'round here happy as I please
Or penguins and it's cold, which makes you sneeze.

Yakko: I've got it! Of course!
Maybe I'm a horse
I can live on oats and hay
And laugh and run and jump and play
And you can ride on me all day!
Drsns: No way!

Dot: Hey, maybe I'm a skunk
Drsns: Oh boy, you really stink!
Yakko: A dinosaur might be some fun
Drsns: But then you'd be extinct.
Dot: Maybe we're all insects
Wakko: Do you like bugs and bees?
Drsns: You kids are buggy in the head
Yakko: Maybe we're giant fleas!

Dot: Maybe an electric eel
Wakko: Or a seal
Dot: Get real!
Hey wait a minute, I've got it now
Drsns: You do?!
Dot: Yes, I do.
Yw+D: We're not bees and we're not cats
Or bugs or horses or things like that.
What we are is clear and absolute!
What we are, dear doctor...
Dot: Is cute!
Yw+D: Mmmmwah!
Drsns: I'm sorry I asked.

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