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Animaniacs – The Presidents lyrics

Heigh ho!
Do you know,
The names of the us Residents
Who then became the Presidents
And got a view from the White House loo
Of Pennsylvania Avenue
George Washington was the first, you see
He once chopped down a cherry tree
D: President number two would be
John Adams and then Number three
Y: Tom Jefferson stayed up to write
The Constitution late at night
So he and his wife had a great big fight
And she made him sleep on the couch all night
W: James Madison never had a son
And he fought the War of 1812
D: James Monroe's colossal nose
Was bigger than Pinnochio's
Y: John Quincy Adams was number six
And it's Andrew Jackson's butt he kicked
So Jackson learns to play politics
Next time he's the one that the country picks
D: Martin Van Buren number eight
For a one term shot as chief of state
Y: William Harrisson, how do you praise
That guy was dead in thirty days!
W: John Tyler he liked country folk
D: And after him came President Polk
Y: Zachary Taylor liked to smoke
His breath killed friends whenever he spoke
W: 1850, really nifty
Millard Fillmore's in
Y: Young and fierce was Franklin Pierce
The man without a chin
D: Follows next a period spannin'
Four long years with James Buchanan
Then the South start shootin' cannon
And we've got a civil war

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