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Angie Stone – That Kind Of Love lyrics

(Featuring Betty Wright)

Girls of the world, I'm pretty sure
That you're feeling like I'm feeling this evening
You know, sometimes you always feel like it's something better
Something that can make you laugh better
Something that can make you feel better
Um hmm, oh I know all about that
Tell 'em what you want, Angie

The kind that'll make you curl your toes
The kind that already knows
Your spots and how to hit 'em
That's the kind that I'm missing

The kind that will have you over the stove
At 2 A. M. In your robe
Cooking a late night snack
But you don't mind 'cause you got that kind of love

1 - I want a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday love
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Do it all, kind of love

Twenty four, three hundred sixty five
Make you cry, love
I wanna rich, poor, sickness, health
'Till death do us part
I want that kind of love

It'd be the kind of habit you don't wanna break
And aggravation you don't mind takin'
An argument or two, well and that's ok 'cause
('cause it really don't matter what he's sayin')
'cause it goes in one ear and out the other
You gon' make up anyway under the covers
(See, you don't really want much)
But you know, but you know, but you know 'bout that, cha'll

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

2 - I said I want, I said I want
I said I want, I said I want that

Want that, yes I want that

Repeat 2

C'mon do you hear me, yeah

Repeat 1

I take it anyway I can have it, cha'll
Long as it's real love, ya feel me?
Real love, oooh

See, no amount of money can amount to love
No amount of jewelry can amount to love
No amount of life can amount to love
No amount of nothing can amount to love, but I love

Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 1 with ad libs

Oh come on playa, I know you could do that
Come on now
I know you the big balla

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