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Angel – One Man lyrics

Intro(beenie man)
Mafia house
Presents angel
Globalize. Haha

This a D'Angel longside beenieman
Weh tell di gal dem out a road se fi defend you man
Nuh mek nuh gyal out a road come look pon you man
Nor walk wid you man
Nor talk wid you man
You have di key na you hand
Wid you house pon you land
A gyal disrespect you nuh car wid you van
A/C ina you houes while some gyal a use fan
You have you to kids some gyal tek abortion

A nuff man dem got
A nuff man dem got
A nuff man dem got dem gyal deh too billias
A 1 man me got
A 1 man me got
A 1 man me got dem gyal deh too billias

Verse 2; angel
1 man alone can ride mi ridim
Mi nuh freak ina bed pon mic mi nuh sing
Yuh keep you bwoyfrien to how you ride him
How you rock it an you drop it an you dip it an you swing

Verse3; beenie
You a D'Angel girl mek mi se you flop you wing
Real empress deserve a real king
You see you face an you shape an di wase weh you swing
Lend me you ears let mi tell you sumting
You see you ringidingiding
Waan push you proppa pon mi dingidingiding
Gi you sweet lovin mek you singisingising
Two pretty nipple dem mi twingitwingitwing singisingising


Verse4: angel
Me a real hot gyal dem caan call mi nuh lacer
Genuine ting dem caan call mi nuh chaser
1 man alone can stop ina da place yah
1 man finger a stroke da guitar yah
Only 1 drum can move di ya base yah
1 man alone puta smile pon da face yah
Bigget fans a mi moda an mi fada
Real poster girl pon di cover a da page yah

Verse5: beenie
Me put a smile pon you face
Wine up you wase
Wine to the drum an di trebel a di base
You have nuh time fi wase
Naav nuh gyal fi trace
You hot like di equater bun dung di place, an

Repeat verse 2-3

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