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Andromeda – This Fragile Surface lyrics

I open up my eye and I, I open as my eye
I stare and let it read my mind, eye open as am I
Scanning through that tangled maze I lose myself again
Who am I whose eye defines the thoughts run through my head
And soon I find there's no way out, my eye is my guide again

Showing me around, these pathways so profound
Shining like the sun, I pretend it's just for fun
As he forces me to run again
Asking would you like to be my friend

Eye look into eye and I try to draw the line
Fight that lie and hide my fright, keep it out of mind
Far away I hear a voice that shouts and demands
Syllables and letters forming words of command
Closer now, then from inside, I think that I understand

Showing you around, these pathways so profound
Shining like the sun, I pretend it's just for fun
As I force you with a gun - run, run
Asking would you like to be my friend

I look into your eye, I pretend it's all fine
I keep living the lie, I look into your eye

(This fragile surface may hold the weight of all that's locked inside
But will it help you clean your slate, or do you just run and hide
You can run...)

This fragile surface white and blue if studied will reveal
There's something in the depths below that I cannot conceal
Through years and years of acting and the practice of my stare
Has made it easy to escape if you didn't already know it was there

This fragile mirror of the soul reflects both fake and real
But before you see too much of me I'll turn or keep it sealed
So I face the ground and hurry on, I run from how I feel
To tell you 'bout my self-inflicted wounds that will never heal

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