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Andre Nickatina – Glorified lyrics


Glorified, Glorified, Glorified,

Verse: 1
In the game of pain that rang the outlaws
Freaks come through at a 2 no draws
Stop for a sec tiga don't take a pause
If you don't see no pigs then there aint no laws
Get beefy wit me 1 time when I rap
To all them other niggas is like bullets in the back
On the highway going fucka fucka fast
Blowing on a chopper when I'm mucka mucka mad
Make way steady on the dirty dirty cash
When nothing hurts tiga only when I laugh

Chorus: 2x
I glorified the crime rate in my state
The mothafucka thinks is the fliest place

Verse: 2
Die mothafucka you know I aint concerned
You make a mothafucka really do learn
Popeye nigga and go home and eat spinach
Get back on the block I really can't finish
I'm ready to rap till the gods say quit
Until then freaks you gon hear my shit
Parden my manapose and parden my french
And god so check it out, put me in the mix
I'm shooting with my eyes closed at 5-0
Leaving every where I go smelling like a rose
Hanging out the car window what's up hoes
Stepped out and showed the hoes the gangsta pose

Chorus: 3x
I glorified the crime rate in my state
The mothafucka thinks is the fliest place

Verse: 3
Your lucky you brothas go boom bang bang
I'm married to the game with a gold weddin' rang
Keep ur daughtars chain my eyes never change
Hard to break like a cuban link chain
Stay back for a while the mayne in livin color
Instead of right next to me mothafucka
Die yall hi yall fry yall
Spit the truth tell the youth it's a lie yall
The only advice I can give to a brotha
Is fire up the weed motha fucka
Check it

Chorus: 3x
I glorified the crime rate in my state
The motha fucka thinks is the fliest place

Shit can you understand now, I'm glorified

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