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Amos Lee – The Darkness lyrics

Well I never asked for nothin'
I got nothin' in return
Turn out that there's something
Letters bound and burned

Well I know you think you knew me
Well I thought I knew you too
I guess I was a fool but...
That ain't nothing new
We all fall into... the darkness

Oooh the darkness
Oooh the darkness
Befor the Dawn

Well I never was wasteful
With the time I had at hand
Guess I had to chase you
So I had to understand
That we all fall into... the darkness

Oooh the Darkness
Oooh the Darkness
Before the Dawn

So go get out my records
If you take one last request
Tell me that you love me
That you always did your best
So I sense I fell into... the darkness

Oooh the darkness
Oooh the darkness
Oooh the darkness

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    This bittersweet love ballad is one of 6 outtakes from lee's recent "mission bell" album. Released as an ep called "as the crow flies. " "the darkness" is a series of ironic self-deprecations directed at a lost love. The first admits that he didn't even know his love--and she him--though he was, he says, "the fool," which is "nothing new. " each of this series pretends to find hope in that the "the darkness" may herald a new dawn, though this is left unsaid at the end. The second irony and deprecation is that he felt he used his loving time well but didn't even know that he had to "chase" his love, leading him to understand even clearer that he must fall into the darkness. The third irony and deprecation is the most bitter: he asks his love to review things and tell him she (he) really did love him and that she really did her best, "so that" he can sense that he himself, not his lover, fell into the darkness. The final hope, "before the dawn," has either evaporated or is left unspoken. These themes are common with lee and elevate his love ballads from the level of mere sentimentality. --david evans, rn.
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