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Amorphis – Leaves Scar lyrics

[music: Holopainen, lyrics: Joutsen]

Fate changed
Life healed
Like a wound
How does the kind of life heal
That leaves such a scar
I cover myself, I uncover myself

Now I know how to do things
Now longer I'll listen to any talk
Now I know and it's working
Everything hurts inside of me

Out from the frozen lake
She finally grew into her full might
She grew from a tiny thing
On this lake as I drove there to meet her

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    I recon its about selfharm, with the lyrics aboutwounds, and how life heals to leave a scar, and the bit about covering and uncovering, covering ur for going out, and uncovering around those who are trusted or when alone, and the bit about knowing how to do things and not listening, is like it works for you so ur not gonna listen to those who tell you its wrong, and that everything hurts inside, like all the emotional pain, the last verse confuses me slightly, but it might be like some sort of metaphore, for emotion re amerging from a frozen heart, or it might be ssuicide, a tiny little thought that kept growing and growing until driving there to meet her, going to die. See could be th a heavily morbid song or a mildly morbid song. Either way I like it, and its my opinion that its about self harm.
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