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Amon Amarth – The Hero lyrics

The blade I swing
Is black as night
Black as my soulless heart
It bears the burden
Of many lives
But I don't feel remorse

I lent my sword
To anyone
Willing to pay the price
No regrets for
What I've done
A mercenary's life

But there I was
On battleground
Until I felt the jaws of death
Cut into my flesh
Defending old and weak
But I did not retreat

Now, here I lie
In my own blood
And strangers cry for me
I'm prepared to meet the gods
I wish they'd let me be

I don't deserve
Their sympathy
I know who I am
My soul is death and misery
I am an evil man

I rest in my blood
Soon I will face the gods
Strangers cry for me
I wish they'd let me be

Show no sympathy
She'd no tears for me
I know who I am
I am an evil man

I know who I am
I am an evil man

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    It's actually refering to a fallen varyag. Amon amarth makes frequent allusions to varyags and to going out east because they're a swedish band, and the swedish viking were the main group that went out east to miklagaard (constantinople) to fight for the byzantine empire as mervenaries. So this evil man has fallen in battle, but now he's surrounded by people he doesn't know (byzantine royalty most likely), and he wishes nothing more than to be left in peace as he dies because he knows that he may end up in hel as opposed to valhall because he didn't always fight honorably. So he will have to answer to odin.
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