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Amias Davies – Lose Yourself lyrics

Verse 1:
Verses coming to his beginning, to see the chance of winning,
He keeps talking, hoping that he has the willing,
To be walking, back again to the game that he’s stalking,
He has no time to be gawking, smash the door to be knocking,
Sick and tired of hawking, having nothing is blocking,
But he has to, get out of this life, the past too,
Has no money but tattoos, Success with the word chew,
Mom probably had baby blue, right after she spew,
Its true, as he drives through, the queue between him and you,
Defines success without a clue, he’s clueless he never knew,
Hating the view, being one of the few, stock to crap like glue,
But he does what he has to do, he gets rid of what’s true,
He can’t stomach being down, goes back to his home town,
Rips the frown, he’s his own clown, masked with his own crown.
When your time comes you gotta seize it,
Claim what’s hard for yourself to believe it,
Don’t make me repeat it, what you want you can be it
Verse 2:
The life that he wished on, failure that he cried on,
Keeps awake till dawn, curtains drawn, hears the laughter,
His spirit is gone, can’t even yawn, he sees his hereafter,
Wonders what to do after, who to go after,
No one to look after, looks down on what he sought after,
Wakes up picks up the pen, does what he does again,
Asks himself where are the wise-men, and then
Pulls his eyes to the paper, look at the view
Wishes of what will come later, king of the crew,
The games shaper, once called the scrapper,
Becomes vapour, his favours the greater.
Chops them up with a grater, fills the crater.
When your time comes you gotta seize it,
Claim what’s hard for yourself to believe it,
Don’t make me repeat it, what you want you can be it
Verse 3:
They hate what’s not the same, finding something to blame,
This is my game, I’m not one to tame,
My fame’s the flame that fuels with my claim,
My dame, your thoughts are in the drain,
They say I’m a virgin writer, at least in I came,
It’s my time to buy when it’s my time to die,
Don’t hear the cry, hear the why,
It’s for me to stop it, don’t shut it, Ima gun it

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    Amias Davies
    This is Amias Davies' own version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself", it has an identical style to it, as shown in the way the words rhyme in one sentence.
    It follows a man's failures and decision to get up and keep doing what he loves, and what kind of stuff he faces in his life.
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