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Allan Rayman – New $h!t lyrics

[Verse 1]
Killing it often these days
Man, I never wanna look back
And these girls think that I'm on something
Well, damn right, on track
Damn right, I've been writing, I've been working on these tracks
I've been drinking, I been singing, ain't doing nothing but that
And I ain't worried 'bout my team 'cause they steady getting them stats
9 to 5s, 9 to 5s, got two sixes in bags
And they showing love to the boy 'cause I'm staying up in the late
I'm steady making this music so they love stating them facts
Saying that
One day it will pay off
One day he'll be famous
With a big house in the hills
And them supermodel neighbors
I'm like, fuck that, never wanna leave my city
Music here, my family's here, my people's here and they get me
My clothes'll all stay gritty, in tight jeans and them fitted
White tees and them Aldos, yeah, leather boots are my favorite
Man, I used to fuck with them Allens
Man, I used to fuck with that Elvis
New shit, heartache, over that, mistake
On to that new shit, next one
Goddamn, it's like I am waiting on someone to pop off
Cause that one girl in the audience who dares to take her top off
She topped off, ran around, got a man pissed off
Said "Fuck Allan" with his fist up, raised up
Middle finger up 'cause he ain't us
My team, A+, your team, no cups, man truck
I love just chilling in my basement
But the times come so I face it
And it's your girl and it's these girls and they want stuff and I make it
But then I'm like, oh
Well I don't wanna change
Well I just want things to stay the same, oh
But I've been on some new shit
But I've been on some new shit
I swear I'm on some new shit

[Verse 2]
What you want, an outlaw? You want a wild boy?
You want a reckless, wreck shit kind of story
I ain't got no bull for ya, ain't dreamin matri-nome
I ain't got no time, but a girl who got too much for me
I've been talking work, man I've been talking beaches
I've been saving cash and getting over my weakness
Getting drunk on the weekends, I'm getting drunk on the reggie
I used to fuck with my grains and I ain't talking my veggies
And most of all I'm steady, tryna build reputations
That's why you call me Allan so spare me the registration
I'll spare you the allegations, spare you the uh
Yeah, I'll spare you the uh

Yeah, I been on some new shit
I can't seem to face it
I'm caught up in new shit
I got no time for it
Said I been on some new shit
I can't seem to face it
I'm caught up in new shit
I got no time for you now
No, no no no, no time for you now
No, no no no, no time for you now

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