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All Time Low – Jasey Rae lyrics

Lights out,
I still hear the rain,
These images that fill my head,
Now keep my fingers from making mistakes
Tell my voice what it takes,
To speak up,
Speak up,
And keep my conscience clean when I wake.

Don't make this easy,
I want you to mean it,
Jasey. (say you'll mean it)
You're dressed to kill,
I'm calling you out, (don't waste your time on me)

Now there's an aching in my back;
A stabbing pain that says I lack,
The common sense and confidence,
To bring an end to promises,
That I make in times of desperate conversation,
Hoping my night could be better than this in the end.
Just say when.

Don't make this easy,
I want you to mean it,
Jasey. (say you'll mean it)
You're dressed to kill,
I'm calling you out, (don't waste your time on me)

I've never told a lie,
And that makes me a liar,
I've never made a bet,
But we gamble in desire,
I've never lit a match,
With intent to start a fire,
But recently the flames,
Are getting out of control
Call me a name,
Kill me with words,
Forget about me,
It's what I deserve,
I was your chance,
To get out of this town,
But I ditched the car,
And left you to,

Wait outside,
I hope the air will serve to remind you,
That my heart is as cold as the clouds of your breath,
And my words are as timed as the beating in my chest.

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    In my perspective, Jasey Rae revolves around the feelings of guilt and regret of the guy being followed by the song. He's done something so bad to the girl he loves that he couldn't forgive himself, and so he asks the girl to give him what he deserves: forget him and leave him despite their promises to never leave each other's side.
    Unfortunately for him, the girl hangs on and tries to keep this relationship together by forgiving the guy and giving him another chance(thus, holding on to their promise) but the guy doesn't want to go on with the girl having scarred by what he did, so he tells the girl to forget him and leave, reminding the girl that he's worthless and that she shouldn't be wasting time on him.
    By the end of the song, the guy tells her how bad his mistake is and how he regrets what he's done. By the last stanza, he leaves the girl without her knowledge because he couldn't take it anymore, leaving this song as something to remind her of how badly he wanted to end her suffering and pain done for his mistake, and how he hopes that she'll be reminded of how terrible he was so that she could no longer chase him.
    Damn, this is a sad song.
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    I think this song is about a guy who realizes that the girl he's with (jasey rae) isn't for him and that he made a mistake being with her. And now he knows they shouldn't be together, and feeds guilty from his feelings about the whole situation, because he's been hiding the fact that they're not meant to be. In the end, he ends up leaving her, in hopes that she'll soon realize that they weren't many to be. And hopes that the act of leaving would make her think that he was just a bad person so that she will have a reason to not want to be with him. And even though jasey rae is an amazing person, she's just not for him. He regrets creating the things between him and jasey, and having to destroy them. But things just never always workout.
    But that's just what I think. ;)
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    I think this song is about a guy who was in a relationship without wanting it to get to serious but realizes that she has fallen for him. He notices his mistake and leaves her and town. He is telling her that he never meant for things to get so serious and complicated. He never meant for her to fall in love with him and that she should forget about him because she deserves better and he doesn't believe in love and it was all a lie. Even though deep down he actually has feelings for her even if he doesn't realize them.
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    Jasey rae is about a guy who made a girl fall in love with him, he's not the right guy to fall in love with because he's one of those that doesn't believe in "love" and thinks its better to go about life without it but unfortunately he doesn't want to face his own feelings because he loves her too. In the end, he had to leave her because he is simply afraid of the truth and wounded because he left her cold.
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    At warped tour yesterday (pittsburgh date) alex said he wrote this song about a girl named jasey and that he had seen her there that day, said hello and it was really awkward.
    I think that they had a thing going on and she just kind of left him hanging. He felt bitter or angry about it because he thought it could go somewhere but it kind of just fell apart.
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