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All Saints – Gotta Get Busy lyrics

Got'ta get busy cos I know I'm down
Got'ta get busy cos I know I'm down
Got'ta, got'ta get busy, get busy
Cos I know, cos I know I'm down
It's not unusual to get busy all night
It's not unusual to show ya how to do it right
It's not unusual to wanna play games
It's not unsuaul to do it in the pourin' rain
I gotta get busy, gotta get mine
Take you to my room and do it all night
I gotta get down and show ya how to flow
Listen carefully so next time, you'll know
Grab me by the waist as we fall to the floor
Do it like a man, give it to me hard core
No one else around, just me and you
So don't be shy, boy
Do whatcha' gotta do and get busy now
Got'ta get busy cos I know I'm down
(I gotta get)
Got'ta get busy cos I know I'm down
(I gotta get)
Do.. Da.. Do - I gotta get
Get busy cos I know I'm down
It's not unusual to get busy every day
It would be cool if you knew
How to stand the pace
It's not unusual to want twenty-four hour four play
Day and night, night and day, day and night
Twenty-four, seven - Three/Six/Five days
Do it on the floor, do it on the train
Do it in the bed and the love is still the same
Do it in an elevator when no one's around
Do it anywhere cos ya know, I'm down
Put my legs 'round your neck as you struggle to breathe
It's not unusual, put your head between my knees
Take a short break
And sip on champaine
But not for too long as we start it all again
So get busy now
It's not unusual for me to get down, Boo
Tight body lace and neglac that is see-through
Four play?
No problem
Let me tease you, true playa
That's the aim to please you
I've gotta get busy lookin' ediable
Ain't no doubt about the chemistry is sexual
Huh.. What you're just incrediable

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