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alexthomasdavis – Take The Flak lyrics

If you don't take the flak
For the killing of my brother
You'dbetter find a gun
Then you'd better another

Cos I'll be on your back
Just like a crazy mutha
You'll be on the run
And I will take your lover
Well put her in a sack
And take her to the river
There's no looking back
I'll eat her heart and liver
You'dbetter stay on track
A confession delivered
Signed in ink as black
As the shadow of a buzzard

I'll stretch you on the rack
If you tell any others
If your bags are packed
Well find you north or southern
So take your papers back
They'll dry them in the oven
It's the one that's cracked
With your name up above it

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    So this song is about the head trip you go on should a family member bite it. Its the cause of many a gangland killing. The words are good in this song..signed in ink as black as the shadow of a buzzard.. being a highlight! Famously has no chorus, I do this sometimes, its not done on purpose its just the way some songs go.
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