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alexthomasdavis – Someone Is Having A Day lyrics

Someone in a strop is having a having a fair day
Someone in a shop is having a spare day
Someone in a daze is having a rare day
Someone in a race is having a rich day
Someone in a maze is having a poor day
Someone at a pace is having short day
Someone with a dice is having a long day
Someone with a face is having a good day
Someone in a chase is having a bad day
Someone in a ring is having a hay day
Someone in a sling is having a pay day
Someone in a tie is having a grey day
Someone in a try is having a brave day
Someone in a game is having a sad day
Someone in a flame is having a hot day
Someone in a mood is having a right day
Someone with a dude is having a wrong day
Someone who has won is having a lost day
Someone who is soft is having a tough day
Someone who is fast is having a slow day
Someone who is fine is having a hard day
Someone who is clean is having a wash day
Someone who is straight is having a gay day
Someone who is strict is having a lax day

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    So this song is about someone having a day! It furthers the theme of Laying It On The Lines. Every other song on the album is actually just lines that have been changed to create a song/sentiment. This song has no chorus, and is made up of the simplest riff ever, just Am and D with a lttle extra work with your little finger!
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