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Alan G. – If We Were Lie TV To God lyrics

I think that God’s sittin’
On a big cloud in Heaven
Wondrin’ what’s happ’ning below
So He plugs in a big screen
That’s just like a TV
And clicks on His heavenly remote

He sees all the people
In crystal-clear detail
All of them crazy or odd
Do you think He would laugh
Would He cry or get mad
If we were like TV to God

What if we all are
Just like big TV stars
On a fancy reality show
Would God have the stomach
To look and not get sick
Oh the scandals He’d know

For some He would gotta
Shield His eyes to watch ‘em
And some He could not watch at all
And He’d Tivo some guys
To fast-forward their lives
When the dull boring parts would come on

How would you act if someone were watching?
Would you be bad more than not
Would you live the same
Be all shameless or lame
If we were like TV to God?

Some people are sitcoms
That He likes to turn on
When He is in need of a smile
And some people’s mommas
Are just like the dramas
Emotions all crazy and wild

And some are like cop shows
All action and gusto
Others are news shows – so grim
And some are like reruns
In a rut since they were young
If we were like TV to Him

How would you act if someone were watching?
If everyone knew what you got
Would you still be bad
Do the things that you had
If we were like TV to God

Sometimes I believe
I have grown up to be
The kind of show God finds too weird
Does He understand
I just like to be bad
My picture ain’t always too clear

And I don’t have those special effects
Or big guest stars
My ratings aren’t all number one
But it’s early, you know
Still can make a good show
Soon as the commercials are done

How would I act if someone were watching?
Would I still be crazy a lot
But I hope I could handle
If He changed the channel
If I were like TV to God

So live like you dare
Someone’s watchin’ upstairs
We are like TV to God

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