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Akinyele – Take A Lick lyrics

(jessie nunes)
Who ak, akinyele
Ya he came to london
I took him around and shit
He was nice
I was going to fuck him
No I really was going to fuck him
But I didn't
I wanted to fuck him though
I said I'll give you some of this pussy
But he started talking some wild shit
He said

Hook: (akinyele - in caps), (jessie and christine - in lowercase)

Oh yes you will be licking my dick tonight
Oh no I motherfucking won't

I was laying in the bed
Like give me some head
She said
When it coming out black uh uh you dead
I don't suck dils
I was looking at the chick like bitch ill
What the fuck the deal
Do you really feel
If you don't begin at nil
You would add s** appeal
Well I feel
Oh yes you will be licking my dick tonight
My zipper went zip
I put my pants to my hips
She put her thumbs up like the father said ssss
I was like shit
I dislike her
She got her thumbs in the air like a hitchiker
Ready to fight her
But instead I chill
I looked her in the grill
And said


Ha yo I pick
My kind of steady booker
I put my nuts by your chin so when you look up
I be on top of you doing bobby brown pushups
When you give me head lift your toosh up
When I said
What I said
You should of seen her whole head pushed up
She said huh what ill


(jessie nunes)
I won't be doing that shit
Never done it before
No I'm not doing it
Get your hands off my hips
You get out of my face
I don't believe in that shit
You're asking me
I won't do it
I won't suck your dick tonight


You would swear that she want it
From the way you kissed my stomach
Huh I couldn't wait to start cumming from it
Imagine she doing it like she getting blunt it
You know french kiss and put the tongue on it
And then she stopped and I was like doggone it
Stop acting scared like my house haunted
Oh yes you will be licking my dick tonight
I said boo
Do me and I'll do you
She said ok go first and I'll do you
Well I do (lick the pussy)
And you do (lick the dick)
If this is true (and I do do do do do)
Then I guess


Licking the dick
Or licking the c***
If we do it together we on some 69 shit
Licking the dick
Or licking the c***
I know mad chicks act like they don't lick dick
Licking the dick
Or licking the c***
Huh if I had to pick


(jessie nunes)
I don't do that
I've never done it
I won't be doing that shit
Don't be trying it
I ain't sucking it


(akinyele) 2x
Ha to all my dick suckers in the house
What up
And all my c*** lickers in the house
What up

You know
This is straight up c*** language type shit

Oh yes you will be licking my dick tonight

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