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Aidonia – Buka Buka lyrics

Bukka! Bukka! Bukka!
You kno it's i-d-d-d-d-d-d-donia
Ah wa di fuk do dem
Gunshot 2 dem face dat buk to dem. Bukkam

Da ting beat(bukka!)
Copy it again(bukka!)brrr-ukka! Di whole place shook-a.
Di burna burn dem like stove weh yuh cook pon.
Inna di [? ] di people gone look on

Di ting beat(bukka!)copy it again(bukka!)brrr-ukka! Di whole place shook-a. Beat it til it bend like handicap look-a.
And ah one time [? ] this, don't care weh yu from. Bukkam!

[verse 1:]
Dat mek yu disappear like kazam
Lock di island like azan
Fi pass metal detecta, hold di selecta, hol' inna rolex??? Or razan
Madame nuh chat bout di one mista adam
Mi name i-d-d-d-dadan


[verse 2:]
Wen mi inna gas mask or ski mask
Fiya a bag a man cuz him love free ass
Eh y'all we floss, half ah two but yuh head buss off equally inna 3-half
Rifle shot bruk foot yuh face yuh knee pass. Shout out "kill him!"n I can agree fast.
Step off let cheese cause him inna cheap class.
Mi nuh call dem??. But mi scatta deep thoughts


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