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Agalloch – Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor lyrics

It... was not long ago when I had fallen from this mortal world Lost,
in dream flight to pierce the horizon as a bird Is...

this life the pillor I must bear To?
grow in this wretched world With?
... hate each day I burn The...
birds above they, ride the winds And
from each piercing talon dangles a soul The

stone awaits my fall Upon
a grave I dug myself The
birds sing their requiems Please
lend me your wisdom to fly above the heavens Across,
seas of gold to, my land of frostbitten ageless, night Let

me dig my own grave Let
me oh, precious noose of mine You
are my mother whose, womb around my neck Grants
me a world of cold nihility An
endless winter night A
bitter black, frozen hell For
me Forever

this the pillor I must bear To?
die on this f gay***world With?
... hate I die and burn The...
birds above they, caress the winds They
lend me the wisdom to fly [Written...

by J Haughm. ('97)]

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