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Against All Authority – Sunshine Fist Magnet lyrics

A cold December in a sleepy town
It's no different your a freak
And they don't want you around
Got daddy's car on a Friday night
Just a speed bump in a privileged life.
There ain't no justice if your not like them.
You stand out in the crowd like a target with your friends.
So much more than what they see,
They're afraid of someone who lives so free.

[Chorus: x2]
Fist Magnet, conform to this decay,
Fist Magnet, why won't you obey?
Fist Magnet, more than what they see
Now there's a little less sunshine here today.

It's dark outside
They extinguish your light,
The ninjas in the Caddie
Roll silently out of sight.
Got daddy's car on a Friday night
Just a speed bump in a privileged life.
It's true we're just like you and we'll carry on,
And I hope that one day I can be just half as strong,
And you walk with us to this day
And we're all brian deneke!

[Chorus x2]

I walk in the light I refuse to hide!
I'll be myself and I will live with pride!
I won't be denied!

Fist magnet
Fist magnet
Fist magnet!

[Chorus x2]

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