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Adrenicide – Wreckin' Ball lyrics

Comin' like a whirl-wind
To destroy your town
Vicious it's rippin'
Tear your whole world down
Hittin' like a hammer
We'll pound at your face
Face meltin' mayhem
Destroyin' this place

No-one can stop us
Nothing can be done
When metal meets metal
There can be only one (us! )
Our violence contagious
Blood-soaked our war-path
Destruction is final
Drown in our blood-bath

No-one can stop us!
Wreckin' ball
Nothing can be done
Wreckin' ball... wreckin' ball...

Pound to submission
No prisoners we take
Painting our flag
With the blood of the fake
Eyes reflect fear
As flames turn you to ash
Wreckin' ball wrecks
As to atoms you're smashed

Stand! Stand or fall!
We're gonna hit you like a wreckin' ball
The final command... the metal gang
Will tear it down
Adrenicidal army!
Bang your heads! Smash up your town

Wreckin' ball!

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