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Adam Sandler – The Excited Southerner Proposes To A Girl lyrics

Girl: "You wanted to ask me something?"
Excited Southerner: "Yes, I did. I -
First of all I just wanted to say that you're -
- very pretty girl, and I, I --
Hoo -- you'the -- we've known each other for so long now,
And-uh, it's about time that the two of us --
We're both getting older right now, and-uh,
And I don't want to die alone, I -- tell you that much --
Hoo -- getting ahead of myself -- got ta slow down, hoo-hoo,
Concentrate on what I'm trying to get across to you right now, hoo,
I mean, whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-whe-willing
To be a house husband, you don't have to qu-qu-qu-qu-quit your
Job there, there, I'm, I'm, the-, I'm, I'm --
Hoo, honeymoon in the Poconos, with the -- hoo, woo hoo
-- s** optional -- you don't have to do what you don't want to do,
Hoo hoo hoo hoo, someday you're going to love me, and that --
That's fi-- til death do us part I, we'll get the chocolate cake
And the sunrise and the sunset -- no prenuptial agree --"
Girl: "Look, are you trying to ask me to marry you?
Because I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment. "
Excited Southerner: "Coooooo."

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