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Adam Brand – The Anzac lyrics

1914 began, he was working on the land with his mum and dad
He left behind his girl, joined up to see the world, it made his mother sad
He made it through the war, came back to town
To help his father work the fields and rebuild his life somehow
And everybody called him the anzac and that's still what they call him now

He set his mind to stay when his father passed away and the river ran dry
He said "I'll take care of you mum, I've fought before and won, we can win this fight"
All alone he'd work all day until he'd drop, until the place got back to best he didn't stop
There were times he thought he'd been forgotten
But every night at six o'clock

They'd stand for that man they called the anzac
And those who gave their lives for us
They'd stand for that man they called the anzac
For fighting for the land he loves

At the same time every year we all remember him
At the crack of dawn we stand as one for all our fallen friends
So drink to that man we call the anzac
We will remember him

So stand for that man we call the anzac
And those who gave their lives for us
Let's stand for that man we call the anzac
For fighting for the land we love

Let's stand for that man we call the anzac
For fighting for the land we love

We will remember them

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    "The Anzac" lyrics poignantly describe an ordinary young bloke working on his parents farm in Australia in 1914, and who enlisted as a soldier in the A-ustralian and N-ew Z-ealand Army Core which travelled to Europe and fought in the Gallipoli battle, support for the British contingent.
    "The Anzac" in this song was fortunate, was not killed, and returned back to Australia, back to work on his parents farm.
    Soon after, his father died, and the farm got little rain through droughts, but this returned soldiers spirit now fought to restore the farm to prosperity, working hard to do so, in conjunction with his mum.
    Years after World War 1 ended, memories of it faded, as life went back to normal. But one thing had changed in Australia and elsewhere - at 6 o'clock, in the Returned Soldiers League clubs, there would be silence as those present remembered the ANZACS that fought, lived, died (never grew old).
    To emerge also was a dedicated day, the 25th April every year, called ANZAC day where "at the crack of dawn" people stood/stand as one - "we will remember them".
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