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Ace Hood – Another Statistic lyrics

Another statistic, no, ooh
I just wanna live in God's'far away from Lucifer
Not a slave goes chase, complement the mauler much
Rather see me crucified, police saw the crucifix
Shot us up and pick the bitch
This 'aitn not new to us, murder's happened all the day
Kids on their marry way
God, he only 21, plus he never had a name
God bless Trevor, Martin and all my hoody
And never innocent, young brother how meat a bullet
And men it's poor, it's fucked up hard times
Tough luck... makes a few steps, jump never hided of us
I just try to make fulfill my wish less
There won't be another statistic
No won't be another statistic (we will never give up, we never give in)
No won't be another statistic, another statistic
Martin low the king had a dream and my niggas steel two
Way 'killing 'likes a fool
Reason way I'm young it's untenable '
And fuck the Government 'cause they try discussed truth
I said my prayers help in... not enough to graduate
But too many crimes, pay attention as a parent had the '
Feeling like a 'so they keep ahead
Lord bless 'em got me stress wile I raise it mine
Through the hood people think you murder for nothing, funny
I made a million not ten cents
No, won't be another statistic
No, won't be another statistic,
No won't be another statistic, another statistic
Ooh, niggas getting murder we burn up, a few in the stern
'In my journal, our killers are so determinate
I keep... demons that never'
Just wash the people let 'em 'some are worth it
Some friend of our friends they're dirty, need some detergent
So many tragedies around the world '
I just try to be calm and bless this world purpose
No body's perfect I'm steel sinning, just have mercy
Wile we killing out our own people
Busted 'it's just so tragic when you parish I can barely be witness
No, won't be another statistic
No, won't be another statistic,
No, won't be another statistic
No, won't be another statistic,

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