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Ac Dc – Night Prowler lyrics

Somewhere a clock strikes midnight
And there's a full moon in the sky
You hear a dog bark in the distance
You hear someone's baby cry
A rat runs down the alley
And a chill runs down your spine
Someone walks across your grave
And you wish the sun would shine
No one's gonna warn you
And no one's gonna yell 'Attack'
And you don't feel the steel
Till it's hanging out your back
I'm your Night Prowler, asleep in the day
I'm your Night Prowler, get out of my way
Look out for the Night Prowler, watch you tonight
I'm the Night Prowler, when you turn out the light...
Too scared to turn your light out
Cause there's something on your mind
Was that a noise outside your window?
What's that shadow on the blind?
As you lie there naked
Like a body in a tomb
Suspended animation
As I slip into your room

I'm your Night Prowler, break down your door
I'm your Night Prowler, crawling 'cross your floor
I'm your Night Prowler, make a mess of you, yes I will
Night Prowler, and I am telling this to you
There ain't nothing you can do
(Shazbot Nanu Nanu)

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    I think it puts one in a state of mind where you are to be scared out your mind but at the same time your the one who is going to be the night prowler so therefore your scared of your ownself. In the beginning ofthe song it talks bout chill running down your spine (being scared) and chorus talks bout you being the person you are scared of. Na mean. I been workin for this damn cracker for 11yrs and been hittin his wife for 12 yrs. Naw mean nigguh she likes herself some chocolate. I'm outie. Ronald for president yall. Anaheim!.
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  • u
    All of anti christ s devils child songs have similer, lyrics, promoting sexuallity, violence, sinnister messages, only weak minded people would fail to take seriously, or if taken seriously can reap the demonic and satanic influences, within the lyrics, night prowler for example, seems like a suttle message, the title says it all, night prowler, freaky stuff, coincendence, after the death of bon scott, people thought they would be done, ac/dc showed everybody they were back in black, songs like hells bells, shoot to thrill, I mean come on people wake up, only a lost fool wouldnt believe they werent satanists.
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