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666 – Introduction lyrics

Killer dude: jesus christ man what the fuck are you doing?
God damn it I said what the fuck are you doing?
Antichrist: Motherfucking hoes sucking my god damn dick

Is there a god out there?
I don't really care
All I wanna do
Is Motherfuck you
I got bitches in my house
I got gold in my mouth
What else do I need
To stop this damn bleed

(Killer Dude)
You know what?
I don't give a flyin fuck
What these norms have to say
Ima do things my way
But not like fred durst
Yes I do curse
My life is the worst
No peace, no shit, no girls
My motherfuckin world
Has been twirled and swirled
The fuck I'm s'posed to do
I really wanna fuck you
But you wont fuckin let me
Even though I drive a bentley


I hate children
I hate my mom
Although she looks s***
In a thong
My life is long
Born in hong kong
Livin like a god
Lookin like a dog
Smokin like a nald
Jumpin like a frog
Eatin like a pig
Drinkin like a shit

Jesus was born on the 25th
I was born on the shitty shit shit
Fuck all religion
Its all a shit
A motherfuckin whore
Suckin motherfuckin dick
We cuss like shit
Smoke like shit
And drink like shit
Choke like shit
My daddy is a niggaare
And I am a wigger
But who gives a fuck
Not this bitch
She wont give me a hug

(who's who)
Eat my c**
Ya dick sucker
I am
Like a
Don't fuck with me
I'll tie you to a tree
You wont be able to breath
I'll choke you by your sleeve
Haha haha


Cuz we are 6-6-6
Bow down before us
Jesus christ
Can't fuck with us

Killer dude: oh my god man what are you doing
Damn what the fuck are you doing
Antichrist: your motherfuckin mother sucking my god damn dick
Killer dude: you piece of shit
Oh my god mom you bitch whore
S*** lady: god damn it jason I can suck who I want
Killer dude: go back to hooters you fucking ho

Public announcer: this has been 666 reminding you to worship satan
Don't fuck with s*** lady, she's a fucking whore

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