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4lyn – No Champagne lyrics

(are you ready, or what?)
So here I come
Save ya passengers from this critical-minded messenger.
Right in front of ya eyes
You see me standin wit da mic in da right hand,
Ainґt that aight, man (come on!!)
5 bucks entry and da drinks arenґt 4 free
The bartenderґs trippinґand ya girl is lookinґat me
Typical - tropical heat... Chewinґgum on ya seat...
Yeah, this happening sukks, yes indeed.

Tell me, whatґs da reason, yo,
Why do you came? Why do ya blame?
The band is giving everything.
Oh, now you say that itґs 2 loud...
Do you think that it is silent when you shout?
Tell me, why da fukk are you here?(oh yeah..)
You wanna criticize me?
Yeah, I can feel it in the air...
Adrenaline is risin, homes, yo...
Ya anger is my air 2 breathe, and I can feel it in my bones...

Pay 4 fame (... Itґs da stikk-up-stukk-up-stikk-up-kid...)
Fight, fight, fight, fight me!
Drink no champagne!
(itґs a stikk up, yo, itґs a stikk up! Itґs a stikk-up, yo, itґs a stikk-up.... Itґs a stikk-up, fukk!!)

Yo, I hear ya screaminґ4 payback, bitch, but I have 2 disapoint you,
'cause I don't swing tecґs or baseballbats...
So I guess ya skills gotta be the weapon 2 choose 4 you,
And I wonґt explain da rules 2 times 4 you...
Wake up early, son, first come-first serve...
Speak your shit, but always keep something in reserve.
The crowd wants 2 be entertained...
So whatґcha gonna be, b-boy? A b-boy or a stain????

Pay 4 fame (... Itґs da stikk-up-stukk-up-stikk-up-kid...)fight, fight, fight, fight me.
Drink no champagne! (itґs a stikk up, yo, itґs a stikk up, itґs a stikk-up, yo itґs a stikk-up, itґs a stikk-up, boy!!....)

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