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2Pac – They Tryna Murder Me lyrics

You may remember hearing about a murder
In Las Vegeas 2 months ago
In which a popular and contreversal performer
Was shot
Gang land style and killed
It's a murder that hasn't yet been solved
But the investigation has invited closer scrootney
Of the music industry
(Fades away)
Them same mother fuckers want a murder me
Them same mother fuckers
Them same mother fuckers want a murder me
(Ya'll mother fucking crazy)
I got a work with what you gave me
Claiming I'm a criminal
When you the one that made me
They got me trapped in this slavery
Now I'm lost in this holocaust
Heading for my grave G
I told Sam he can fuck the war
& got a busted jaw
For saying fuck the law
And if you wonder why I'm Mad check the records
What's a nigga got a do to get respected
Sometimes I think I'm Getting tested
& if I don't say yes a nigga's quick to get arrested
That's the reason I stay zested
I keep a vest on my chest
Incase the cops are getting restless
Walk around ready to light shit up
& since my life is fucked
Some say I'm slighty nuts
Buck buck is the sound as I mooova
Other niggas pay attention when a fool bust
They make a nigga be a killer
I used to be a dealer
But they wanted to see whooo's realer
Now them same motherfuckers want a murder me
& I wonder if the lord ever heard of me
Them same mother fuckers want a murder me
(they know everyday when I'm breathing it's it's...)
Them same mother fuckers want a murder me
(Everytime I speak I want the truth to come out)
Them same mother fuckers want a murder me(You know what I'm saying everytime I speak I don't want shit)
& I wonder if the lord ever heard of me
I need loot so I'm doing what I do
& don't say shit
Until you've walked in my shoes

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