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1Tym – Hello (Traducao) lyrics

Do you glow all of a sudden?
Always we hit back at our opponents
Don't shout with me
Do you wanna feel the pulse of our core?
Once, twice, or three times? It gets a bit stronger!
So soon 1tym gives it's third album to the world
Makes a hundred countries world-wide sing our music
I never fake it!
So take it now! We gon' make it!

Shake it shake it
Over here and over there let your body sway
Break it, break it, you want it?
Pick the second winning style
Get it get it
Once I chose the path to walk down in my life
The wind didn't match the clouds it followed
So I said that the past
Instead of pointlessness, will become an energy inside me
All the people in the world, party with me!

All the people in this world, party with me?
(Hello! Hello!)
I am here! How you been? Hello everything!
(Hello! Hello!)
Everything in this world has changed!
(Hello! Hello!)
I'm greeting all these things that have been born again! (Hello! Hello!)

When you're bored turn up the radio
Jump around like Super Mario
See me fly like a queen bee Only music is still my amigo
(You get them chills!)

I can't give up this nervous feeling
Is that bad? No!
And that's what I'm bout to give to you!
Everything goes out to you!!

It's been a long time (Me?) yeah you!
Achoo~ Excuse me.. Do me a favor.. Can't you? Thank you!
The mind is in it's teens, but the body is not(Hey?)
Not a teenage body (Right!)
Why is everything like that to me!
Listen to my music as you go to sleep (Get wit dat!)

[Hook:] Repeat

For your far away teens, a new time is coming!
Power, I'm wit dat! Money, don't need dat!
Rhymes and beats, kick dat! All O' yall, get back!!

Check it! And 1, 2 everything goes
Throw away all your ugliness
Keep our future (Ow~)
You know what the time how we kick right (Now)

It goes 1 to the gut, 2 to the dome
Teddy isn't wrong in everything he says
Come here! Go down this path!
Everybody in this world! Hello!

[Hook:] Repeat

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