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IZ*ONE – 비올레타 (Violeta) (English Translation) lyrics
[Intro: Wonyoung]
Ah, ah

[Verse 1: Wonyoung, Sakura, Minju & Hyewon]
I can feel the scent even when I close my eyes, oh
It’s gentle so I fall into it
I follow the light that has disappeared far away
I get closer to you, closer to you, ah, ah

[Verse 2: Chaewon, Nako & Chaeyeon]
Your eyes that are looking at me and the color of light that shines on me
It makes everything stop, it makes you shine even more
Suddenly you are blending into me quietly
Since we’ll be dreaming the same dream

[Pre-Chorus: Eunbi, Yena & Yuri]
That wide world
Draw it in front of your eyes, feel your sincerity
You who you have hidden inside of you
Open it up to the world just as is, the feeling right now as it is
Show yourself to me

[Chorus: Wonyoung, Yujin, Hitomi, Chaewon & Sakura]
You’re my violeta
All of it to me
You’re my violeta
Everything to me
You’re my violeta

[Verse 3: Hyewon & Minju]
You, you, you, would you trust me?
Would you open your heart up more to me
Gathering up your mysterious color of light
It resembles me who will let you shine
So, you can shine more than anybody else
So, you and I can be together

[Verse 4: Chaeyeon, Hitomi, Eunbi & Wonyoung]
Spread beautifully, the world that has been filled with your scent
Open your heart to it, I listen draw my ears closer to you
I shine on you from inside, I color you in eternally
You will be dazzling even more so

[Pre-Chorus: Yujin, Chaewon & Yena]
Into the sky that resembles yourself
Your hidden feelings, the moment you were waiting for
The “you” that you’ve been wishing for, gather them up in the sky
Just as is, the feeling right now as is, show yourself to me

[Chorus: Sakura, Yuri, Nako & Eunbi]
You’re my violeta
All of it to me
You’re my violeta
Everything to me
You’re my violeta

[Brigde: Sakura, Yujin & Yuri]
I’ll wait for you whenever
Since I’ll always be by you
More than a splendid spotlight, with more of the shining light for you
Since I’m only for you

[Chorus: Minju, Yuri, Chaeyeon & Yena]
You’re my violeta
All of it to me
You’re my violeta
Everything to me
You’re my violeta

[Outro: Eunbi, Yujin, Sakura, Hyewon, Chaewon & Wonyoung]
Your smile that has been drawn on that sky
It’s shining brightly oh
The beautiful flower inside your heart
You’re my violeta
I’ll protect you, I’ll shine on you brightly
You’re my world, You’re my light, oh my heart

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