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Fredo Santana – Change lyrics
I be countin hundreds, counting faces, getting paid
She gon' bust for me, then she gone do my team
True religions saggin', or the Robin Jeans
A lot of niggas changed, just because I'm getting change

[Verse 1: Fredo Santana]
Money change niggas, but I change money
Try to rob me, then you know some shots comin
GBE, glory boyz, we can't go for nothing
40 in my pocket, bake yo ass like a oven
Whole team real niggas, we don't feel niggas
I ain't gotta shoot you I'll send my lil niggas
Sneak dissin and hatin on my downfall
I'm in the trap, movin bags the size of baseballs
Cash out, jewish lawyer, now the case closed
Niggas haters, when I pull up see they face froze
I be counting hunneds talking real pesos
Give you a halo, your bitch want Fredo


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Sag my Robin Jeans, they see my polo draws
I can't change, realest nigga of them all
I'm a ball like I'm Jeremy Lin
These niggas round me, I can never miss
Real niggas in my eyes We the team bitch
Just to be around, she gone do the team quick
Me and Fredo, Pour up the lean shit
Rob who? we'll get you clapped if you ain't mean it
Claim 3hunna, that's my sum up
Wifin' all these hoes I dont love 'em
Call chief Wuk, he gotta pump bruh
We on your bumper, so don't get slumped up (L's)


[Verse 3: Gino Marley]
Too many faces on me, I could hardly count 'em
All this money, all this cash, counting smoking sour
All these shots up in this choppa cause a bullet shower
All this money that I'm throwing, that's a money shower
Connect call, I'm done less than an hour
Money, respect and all that come with the power
Gino Marley I don't play, I sleep next to a llama
I can't change, get changed if you become a problem
All we know is grind come from the bottom
If we ain't got it pull the caper, just to solve the problem
All we know is grind come from the bottom
If we ain't got it pull the caper, just to change the problem


[Verse 4: Capo]
Got a lot of change, it's me and my team
Steady counting Franklins, the bitches know my name
Ball out control and got a lot of robin jeans
Don't mix me with the rappin, boy I clap heat
Half these niggas fake cause they ain't in the streets
Signing checks, bitch I'm ballin need no receipts
Lot of foreign thots, ridin' around in foreign drops
Foreign thots who given top, for the opps I got 100 shots
Dope smoking that's 365, bitch chasin me I know why
Cause my bands up and money fly
Flex on broke niggas you know why
Dope smokin thats 365, bitch chasin me I know why
Cause my bands up and money fly
Flex on broke boys you know why


[Verse 5: Ballout]
I be countin' faces, I don't take no fucking change
I just hit the cable just finessed on a stain
If you don't know me, Im Ballout from the streets
Bitch we run the streets, fuck nigga don't want no beef
I be so damn fresh, I be lookin like a geek
Gucci so dark man I swear I can't see
All this jewlery all this God damn money on me
I got robins on me, I'm a robin fiend
Robins everywhere, I got robin everything
300 the team, what the fuck do you mean
I'm O Block, I'm 300 bitch I'm GBE
We the hottest in the streets from the south side to north east


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