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Bishop Nehru – MansSin lyrics
[Verse 1: Bishop Nehru]
Man's sin got a manic in still panic
Chills with hand while bills vanish in the hills
Focused on skill but still need krills for thrills
Cause Mama's bills are only making her ill
Living with an ordeal the medical field can't heal
And niggas wonder why I strive for a deal
For real you don't feel me like ills in conceit
So Please leave the pleas I got D's to complete

[Verse 2: Que Hampton]
I got them calling on the weight lift
Ball hit your chest you can't take it
Like this ain't some shit to play with
From slave ships to shipping
Out pages of the black man's greatest tell them
Black control the wave like the moon enter stages
Beyond being the pen by buckshot's they duck low
Carry flow artificially like apple duck so
I just stay acting while the bust pipes the pressures on
Try to say it's nice, twice ass forever gone

[Chorus 1: Charles Manson]
Remorse for what?
You people have done everything in the world to me
Doesn't that give me equal right?
I can do anything I want to you people
And anytime I want to because that's what you've done to me
If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth
And throw me in solitary confinement for nothing what do you think (fades aways)

[Verse 3: Que Hampton]
Through time the mind travels
Fucking with these punchlines You'll find gravel
Deep in the pits of hell it gets sweaty
Be burned or drop funk heavy, every line get a plus
Like Chevy you can tell by the grill
Crack a smile the cook up is real
They still over looking, fuck it
Let's get out these dreams through the mic
And hit the lotto like book em'
These niggas skating nice try to book em'
But he knows the pages like the finger tip and flip it
Proceed to spit the writtens niggas can't predict my diction
Click the pause rewind and listen it's missing your disses
I ain't wasting time there's greatness in the distance
These nigges spitting waste shit
Dirtiest cops that take kids and put them in their early grave
No mistake no remorse on his face straight hate can't learn to love us power of refine they only love her they ain't even undercover
But my people in there slumber

[Verse 4: Nehru]
I'm sick of man sin it's wearing me thin
So bearing the pen is the only apparent care that's with in
Written in winds like Witten getting them tight to the end
The titan eyes will remember till he's in
He's grave with the spin
Even then i'll underestimate
Through my celebration take place to praise him
And I separate from the fake scum
Fuck a play son these snake niggas nowadays will take crumbs
It's cake to sum and that sum means all
So whether a biggie or a small
If a pennies involved then the problem gets solved
Because looking soft is awful
It's all full and I'm full
Ussually I'm on E and i'm needing to pull
Got my toes in deep now I creep and I eat with the wolves
And still I keep peace and deliver to the sheep
Cause you sow what you reap and the loot must repeat

[Chorus 2: Charles Manson]
I haven't done enough I might be ashamed of that
For not doing enough for not giving enough
For not being more perceptive for not being aware enough
For not understanding


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