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Ballout – Drugz lyrics
We do so much crazy shit when we get up off them xans, glo gang count so many stacks, we got so many bandz, pull up to the club all the hoes is like super man Ball bro. pull up to the clubb

We ain't gonna even drop da Drop da bandz an the lean we just gonna pop the zans, where the lean at bro? Glo we dont even drink that liquor and shit I do Drugz, need that lean and zans and that tooka haha, fuck it ima pop like two more zans, gang i think i need some more drugz gang, roll up, fuck 51st, fuck Young Money, fuck all the opps

[Hook: Ballout]
I'm a drug, bitch, all I do is drugs, I pop zans
I'm smoking Zeko drinking mud, that ain't my man
I'm 300 O'Block we pull up in vans
Door sliding windows down, bullets spraying
Glo Gang is so crazy when they get up off them zans
I be so damn lazy when I get up off them zans
But my whip game still crazy when I'm whipping grams
Counting up so many stacks we got so many bands

[Verse 1: Ballout]
I do too many drugs, baby I'm off a lot of zans
I feel so damn lazy riding up in my brand new Benz
Back to back vans and they all black twins
Glo Gang we the gang, we pull up and we blasting
Smoking dope, no relaxing
Catch a opp, we gon' catch his ass like yeah
Out in traffic off the drugs, bitch like "fuck Zeko"
I'm so 300 O'Block, bitch we shoot people
All them zans make me forget what happening
In the club all the bitches gone, drugged off them zans
Glo Gang get so crazy when they pull forth in them vans
Turning up so many shows we got so many bands

[Hook: Ballout]

[Verse 2: Capo]
Call up Bally for the Xanax, where you at, where the shit at?
Let a nigga come with the wack shit
Then we gon' leave his ass where he stand at
Glock 40s extended, we don't smoke Backwoods, fuck niggas get swished
It's me, lean and Tooka, and I don't fuck with niggas so me and my best friend Benzes
You ain't with us, get rolled over
I don't like the opps, y'all gotta be high, I smoke shit when I'm sober
Me and Ballout bagging bricks up, so that's them bricks, chill out then we gonna smoke Tookah
Pop a zan or two, we a blam at you, and I ain't even gotta send my shooters
Fall asleep in a Porsche truck, dirty 30 on my lap with the windows up
Watching me, you ain't listening, you worried about the wrong thing, get your figures up
Pop a pill, do a hit or something, niggas mad about cars, you a bitch or something?
And he say he want something from me, click clack, buh buh, I'ma give him something

[Hook: Ballout]

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