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Ballout – Checks lyrics
Roll up the tooka man
Where the tooka smokes at
Tadoe Gang, Gang
I don't wanna have to be filling vis off the lean or the Xans man
Man you already know how we coming
But we off that green, that tooka
The tooka, the tooka

[Hook: Ballout]
Girl we all about them checks
Running through them fucking checks
Chesing checks, signing checks
Girl, all we do is check
Checking pussy niggas that's a check
Pulling up foreign whips, that's a check
Mansion in the hills, that's a check
Crib and a condo, that's a check, (Balling Tadoe)
They don't know were ballout at, (were they at?)
Flexing every time they see me who is that? (Ball)

[Verse 1: Ballout]
Ballout there cast a couple checks
Drove a couple cars, fuck a couple vets
Smoking dope, smoking hella threats
Tadoe in the back rolling hella packs (Hella Loud)
We just got some calls for some checks
So we got to pack them Louie bags check
Now we got to pack them Gucci bag check
Hop up in the vet then we got to check
Walk through the airport you ain't got to check
Only 'bout 500 in my bag
Only 'bout 500 in them fools bag
That's about a million dollars cash
And we finna check, (turn up Turn up) All we do is check
Cash checks, sign checks, spend checks
Get checked, run through checks
Pull up to the store spend a whole check
Get another check and we buy another check
Make another check, all we do is cash checks
Spend checks, signing checks, signing off on 20 checks
And I get them deposit checks and I take all types of checks
Long checks, stupid checks, big checks, small checks
Ballout take bitch all checks, all cash
100's in my spot, 10 trap cash
I got trap money, trap house full of dope bags


[Verse 2: Tadoe]
Boy you ain't flexing that's a little check
100 racks on the floor just to look at
I spend it nigga, get it right back
My trap booming in and out yeah it's like that
Maserati yeah I pipe that, Skurr skurr
Like Tadoe what it cost, bitch a nice check (that bag bitch)
And we checking in and we checking out
Trap going crazy like a burger house
Checking in that's the word of mouth
You sneak diss and get you murda bout
Put a check up on your head nigga
Put a check up on your dreads nigga
You got a check fucking with feds nigga, (Snitch ass nigga)
You snitch on gang then you dead nigga, (Boom, Boom)
Nigga checking out, left and right
Playing with the gang you can lose your life


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