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Ballout – Cap Or Die lyrics
(The streets need you, my nigga)
Yeah, uh (Beat Gang)
Ballout Baby in this motherfucker, nigga
Million cash in this bitch, nigga
Wraith outside right now, nigga
You know how we comin', back to back Maybachs, nigga
Benzes, nigga, SRT's, nigga, Hellcats, nigga (Inglewood shit)
Lil' hatin' ass nigga
I see you hatin' all in your videos, your interviews, nigga
Lil' fuck nigga (Lil' ass nigga)
Ayy (Burr)

14 years old, I was breaking down P's (Breakin' shit down, nigga)
At my auntie's house, I ain't care if she came in (Nigga)
Bills gettin' paid, she ain't care if I came in
Foes had the Glock and I had the F&N
I got it out the mud, I'ma get it through thick and thin (Nigga)
I was shocked when Sosa first pulled up in a Benz (Sos', baby)
I was on the block trappin' all night and day
I had two for five and I had three for ten (And I had five for twenty)
If you wanted somethin' that's when you could get it in (Nigga)
I got it for a good number, you know it ain't no mid (Nigga)
At the trap spot, we got choice shit (We got choices in this motherfucker)
I don't know if I wanna tote the chopper or the SIG (Brrah)
Walkin' in AOD and pullin' off with your bitch (Skrrt)
Racks in my pocket, all these hoes think I'm rich (Bands)
I put her on the flight, now she takin' off her 'fit (Flex)
I put her in the water, now she showin' me her tits (Flex)
I'm walkin' up to Saks and they showin' me they kicks (Hah)
Before I try the shoe on, she blowin' me a kiss (Mwah)
20K in my hand, blew it on my 'fit (Yeah)
Another twenty, I could've blew it on a bitch, ayy (Ayy)
Four hundred in this cup, a dirty six (Lean)
I'm leanin', can't see behind the tint
Balenciaga steppin', could've paid your rent (Balenciaga steppin')
I know you never thought you'd see me in this Bent' (Skrrt)
Smoking Orange Cookies out the jar (Orange Cookies)
Blue hundreds, pinky fifties, and a SCAR (Blue hundreds)
Chopper got the light, hit you in the dark
You can be real, you can have heart
Everybody already know Ball a real street nigga (Ballout)
I don't fuck with rap niggas, only fuck with street niggas (Haha)
Broad day, put your pussy ass to sleep, nigga (Pussy boy)
Broke ass nigga, I throw some hundreds on a freak, nigga (On that bitch)
On that Trackhawk, drop them tracks, just went a hundred on a Jeep, nigga (Hellcat)
You ain't seen no money, you ain't a street nigga
If she ain't got no head on her body then she weak
Only exotics get me geeked
Mansion got the high ceilings, Miami on a beach
I pull up in a different foreign every week
Jet skis on the water, I'm somewhere in the sea
No location, I can't even drop a pin
Independent but I can buy a Benz
Whippin' Arm & Hammer, I don't need friends

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