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Zoegirl – Save Myself lyrics

Take a minute take a breath
From the pressure from the need to know why
What makes you a-li-i-i-i-i-i-i-I've
Why do we rely on ourselves
Putting God up on a shelf we depend
On what's left in our hands

It feels right and we believe
There won't be a suddenly
But we keep running faster
Isn't it so nice to think
If we lived in harmony
There'd be a happy ever after

It doesn't matter if I
Have faith to move a mountain
Drink the ocean dry
Baby, I could never save myself
It doesn't matter if I
Can reach into the deepest
Corners of my mind
Baby, I could never save myself

We put God in a box
Spend our time watching the clock while we wait
For a release that will take us away
We come down with a crash
But do we have another chance to go back?
Is that gonna make it ok?

Hold your breath and you will see
In the end you'll have to breathe
But we keep running faster
Fast we forget reality
If you fall you're gonna bleed
There is no happy ever after


Falling out under sorrow
Glimpses of the past of
What I used to think and
Who I used to be
I'm realizing all this frailty
That I hide in me

It doesn't matter
If I defy the laws of gravity
The mystery
I could neva' save myself
It doesn't matter
If I started over
In my own world
I could neva save myself
It doesn't matter if I, if I, if I I I I I

[Chorus 2xs]

Save myself
Save myself
Save myself
Save myself

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