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Yung Trill – Atlanta's Finest lyrics

(feat. T.I.)

[Yung Trill]-
I stay trill cause that's my name
A on my shirt , hat , shoes , even my chain
Yung Boy , on the block
Yeah the chips get flip
This is a hit thats hot , I'm the shit
Ridin on them spinnin rims all through the city
My stack of cash can reach to Philly
I'm fly but not a super hero
Flippin around niggas like Rey Mysterio
Mysterio is from the W - W - E
packin heat on the streets , u cant fuck with me
I'm Yung Trill but still a Yung G
you failed the test cause you just got a "D"
Wo' , damn , I'm off the chain
Tee white, the same color as cane
But when i hear that word I'm like yuck
I'm not a Old nigga , nor a Young Buck
Bow down to ya hinest
Gangsta nigga , also Atlanta's Finest

Rubber band rapped around the cash
Hand rapped around the chicks ass
The money I'm gettin comes fast
It's like I'm robbin without a ski mask
I'ma King , nigga see me in the ring
Gangsta ass clothes , I do my thing
Move around alot , but I'm still home
A-t-L's own , T.I on Atlanta's thrown
Chirp up my niggas on my phone
Ridin 24's and blowin dro'
gangsta muthafucka , you know how it goes
Bow down to ya hinest
Gangsta nigga , also Atlanta's Finest

[Young Dro]-
I'm fresh and clean in the zone
Dro , food , family , and money all up in my home
Basketball game came and I got the 2nd row
Dro or kush , nigga both is what i blow
PSC be the team of Kings in the game
The ocean water match the diamonds in my chain
Shoulder lean , and clean in this bitch
I'm rick james bitch , I'm filthy fuckin rich
And you betta bow down to ya hinest
Gangsta nigga , also Atlanta's Finest

[Young Jeezy]-
I'm the snowman
I'ma let the shots flow man
Niggas that mess around get hit with the back hand
ayyyyyyy , one slip and ya done
pow blow shots blow , duck and run
if u think with Jeezy Is fun
You gonna get capped by the Cap gun
I dont mean the shit from the store
I mean the shit that make niggas hit the floor
Both can do that , but mine is worse
Sittin sidewayz on the corse
and it''s thug motvation
I'm tired of these fuckin bitches that be hatin
Shit , bow down to ya hinest
Gangsta muthafucka , also Atlanta's Finest

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