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Yung Jesus – Show Me What You Got Freestyle lyrics

This is Yung Jesus radio live...

The lord is what I got lil' mama
The lord is what I got pretty lady
The lord is what I got shawty
The lord is what I got baby
Hands up now... now praise, praise, praise, praise

Hit my dad with sum (yup)
I already hit my mama with one
It's my brothers turn
Ant it funny how the do learn
They decide to just burn
Take it to heaven hell handle it turn by turn
It's like leanin on cozy fur
Fury in bones
Thank God I got Jesus to take me through these jokes
Pushin it behind me
I know that god got me
Now You See
4, to 3
People ask about me mentionin the lord in my rhymes
Now to you people in church I bring you this for the rest of the time
Cuz now I'm about to flip the the style up
N if u do then watch the money pile up
If I'm Lebron James then he's Jordan
If he's Jordan the t-mac n
If I'm AI he's Kobe Bryant
Ooops I must be lien
Never make a mistake if I'm recordin
Damn! Then I'm must be retarded
I dnt know when I'm gonna proform this
If I'm nice now I'm must be nicer in performance
Cuz I'm about to start preforming
Ha I'm rhymin and rappin
My ass of if I have to do it
Just to stay on the top
I don't wear flip flop
I just do wat I do for them pop lock and drop
Drop out is wat I watch out
Now the scared when I cum back in town

HAHAHAH... Yeah, See I know sum of ya... ya just don't like me ya said if I was to make an album ya wasent gonna buy it well when I get paid I'm not doin nuthin for ya so imm aquickly put sum spot light on ya iigh. HAHAHAHHHA

Luv iz wat I got girlies
Dough iz wat I got birdies
Show me wat u bout yung daddy
And it's jezzy baby

Scream out loud, Now BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE

Yeah, Yung Jesus back on the role
I don't squeese I call no one a hoe
that's against wat I'm bout though
I'm all about my dough
I may have been hated on but I'm not JOE
Call thye popo
I'm make 4x wat u makin
And I aint waitin
Hurry I'm bout to faint
Wait stop
Now role
Just 4 the whole|
I'm hungry for other rappers
Now ya done cuz I'm feedin on half of ya rappers

The lord is what I got lil' mama
The lord is what I got pretty lady
The lord is what I got shawty
The lord is what I got baby
Ya aint safe, safe, safe, safe (AHH)

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