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Young & Restless – "B" Girls lyrics

Hey slim gimme that
Hey check this out,
Hey hey,

Huh uh, wait,
Lemme tell you somethin' about it
You ain't got a Bronco,
A bmw, a band, a big bank

Ahh, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it
Another B-Girl.
I think it's about time
We gonna tell Slim about ourselves.
Believe that.

Now let's bring up the subject
We were brought to mind
Let me discuss the B-Girls
'Cause they're one-of-a-kind

Now you can find?
Whereever you go
Put 'em in your black bmw
Or your blue Bronco

Now as long as you ride
Everything is chill
With the a/c pushin'
In your automobile

You call yourself a lady
Be good as your name
And if you don't know what 'b' means
Let us explain.

'b' stands for
Bronco, big bmw babe
B? In the? Bars?
We see you pullin' up down the alley
You all act like we are stars
We're not tryin' to make a joke
We're just tryin' to make it known
That people in the world
That we call B-Girls
Like bars on a Cadillac?

Now that ain't?
That we had to rehearse
Another rhyme on the line

[Of the second verse]
About a girl in the city
Her name is Julie
Had breasts like Dolly
With the big ole booty

Well she was checkin' the teeth
And everything was in place
She was my girl for two years
And we?
Known as the?
When I took her to a date
She was frontin' about my nowhere
And she wanted a?

She said, We need a?
Who did Julie think I was?
Santa Claus?
You call yourself Julie
Be as good as your name
And if you don't know what 'b' means
Let us explain.

[Repeat chorus]

Now I was pushin' on my rim
With no contacts
It wasn't bmw
It was bmx
When I seen a young thing
Comin' down the aisle
And I knew from the moment
She's the girl I had

So I slammed on the brake
And I asked her name
She said, My name is Janet
But my friends call me Jane

I said, Well Jane
Can we be friends?
She said, Yes,
If you could change a bmx to a Benz
You call yourself Jane
Be as good as your name
And if you don't know what 'b' means
Let us explain

[Repeat chorus]

Now me and? Was at the beach
With a couple of friends
I popped my?
And my baby blue Benz
And passed some bottles around
So I said, Ray let's hip
Already drunk from an overdose
Of malt liquor beer

She turned around
And had a nice jigga
She say, Can't you see me walkin' my nigga
If so, he's a punk
She said, I know he's a punk though
But you're in a Nova
And he's in a Bronco

She came in my face
She kept yakkity yakkin'
That's when I popped the trunk
I put the clip in the 'mac in
I'm tired of your?
Your name
And if you don't know what 'b' means
Let us explain

[Repeat chorus]

Like bars on a Cadillac?
Like bars on a Cadillac?

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