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Down under the night sky
I lay in wait
Praying to whoever would listen to me.
I'd fashioned my own cross,
Been crushed by it's weight
There's no stronger message
Than dirt in your face.

I've seen down the end of the road
Now I deal in a different story, oh
And I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I'll do this on my own. (o-o-oh bones o-o-oh bones o-o-oh bones)

They say the spirit's willing
But the flesh is always weak
Well I found everything I needed right beneath my skin - oh.

I've seen down the end of the road
Now I deal in a different story, oh
And I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I'll do this on my own.


We're all architects of our own private hell
No-one can hurt us like we hurt ourselves

I've seen down the end of the road
Now I deal in a different story,
And I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones
And I know I'm not alone.
(O-o-oh bones bones o-o-oh bones o-o-oh bones)

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    UnregisteredAug 13, 2012 at 3:39 pm
    Do your best to get to our goal and don't ever slack off. Do it on your own, but there'll be friends/... When your in need of help.
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    UnregisteredJul 13, 2012 at 3:49 pm
    We are never alone; even when we fight battles within ourselves. We will never let go, never give up. We feel it in our bones, we just know.
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    UnregisteredAug 16, 2012 at 12:27 pm
    The song is very spiritual and self help type.

    The lyrics basically mean that originally the person is crushed under the weight of their own issues which they bring upon themselves.

    "i'll do this on my own" and the fact originally the person is praying to anyone who will listen tells you that originally the person is looking and praying for anyone to listen and help, but eventually realises that the power is only within you to change your own life and perception. Everything is perception and so you can change your perception of people/the world and thus change your world.

    Further on the song goes to show that the person feels the strength in their bones (as the popular saying i feel it in my bones) what it's really more meaning is feeling it within his/her soul. We all have the power within us to deal with every situation we face, no matter how hard or horrible. So with that the person sees a different outcome further down the line by using their own personal strength and changing their own perception in order not to live their own personal hell which is created in their own mind.

    Look at the great book "the four agreements" and you will see how it all fits too. By not taking things personally for one thing, you take the power away from anyone attempting to harm or hurt you with abusive comments or similar. This and changing negative thought patterns to positive ones is where the whole "we are our own worst enemies" and seeing down the road and changing the story comes from.

    We can choose to let life live us by reacting and being negative about all that happens and create our own personal hell by seeing the dark side in everything and worrying about every possible outcome, thus creating our own personal hell, or we can choose to do the opposite and think positively and realise we all have the power within us to live our lives and deal with anything that is thrown at us, either by people or life itself. Looking for answers from someone else to help you won't get you very far, you have to look within in order to see how you can deal with these things and move past them.
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    UnregisteredJul 11, 2012 at 6:13 pm
    I dont really know but it is such an epic song. I first heard of them at the love luton festival where i actaully got to see them perform and thats when i fell in love with them. This and weight of the world are my 2 fav songs by them
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    UnregisteredJun 14, 2012 at 9:54 pm
    To me this song has two meanings, the first is a relgious meaning the next is like a more personal meaning to someone.
    The first meaning is like going up to jesus' death, "down under the night sky, i lay awake" may be when jesus was in gethesemne awaiting to be arrested. The next line, "praying to whoever will listen to me," that's saying jesus doesn't want to die so he's praying for everyone to stay away but they aren't and god isn't listening to him, he isn't saving jesus. The next line, "i fashioned my own cross, being crushed by its weight," is describing jesus' journey of carrying the cross, "there's no stronger message then dirt on your face," is when people started to kick dirt on him when he was down and everyone hated him for no reason. The chorus, means that he seen what must be done, and he feels his death coming, he feels god coming to jesus, but god doesn't reply to him so he has to face death alone. The second verse means that the holy spirit is with him so he has nothing to worry about, but his human body is too weak to survive this and he isn't strong enough like his spirit, everything he has faced here, the courage to do so has come from inside him because he feels neglect of some sort to god. The third verse means that everybody made their hell through their sins, they all hurt each other by doing this, but he got hurt the most from it, he had to die for the peoples sins. So he's telling the people that he's suffering for them so they can't hurt each other more then they already have, basically they have the easy way.
    The second more personal meaning is, in the first verse he can't sleep due to a certain absence of a girl or a friend, and he wants that girl or friend to come back to him. (whether they left or died. Died seems more likely sue to the precise mention of "praying" to anybody for them to come back) "fashioned his own cross" basically means that he's creating a place around him that isn't good, and he's getting crushe by the place he has mentally created because it's so bad. An example would be like not eating sue to the ansence of the somebody. The man has obviously been hated on, the dirt could symbolise this and he's getting a very strong message, this also gives an idea that the person missing could of left him because of this. The chorus means that the atmosphere he has created is so bad its going to kill him too,he's realised this so he now forgets it all, he "deals in a different story" but he will never let go of the memories as they are a constant reminder of all the bad things that person has done, he also knows that he's better off on his own. The second verse means that his soul is willing to recover from his mentally created atmosphere but his body is too weak due to what the person has done to him, he is also saying that even thought the atmosphere is killing him all he needs is his soul. The third verse is saying that he created this living hell, the place killing him, but no one can hurt him more then what he has done too himself, even though that person has harmed his mentally.

    That's what i get from the song but the religious one makes more sense. Thanks

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