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Yeti – Insect Eating Man lyrics

While other folks dine at the Ritz
I've found a place that's quite the pits
And really satisfies my dining needs
Infested with crickets and gnats
Jiggers, flukes and scallywags
Cockroaches, midges and millipedes
I'll tell you gladly, it's no secret
I see a creepy crawly, I eat it

My soup's got a fly in
And there's woodlouse in my wine
My bread has fleas on
But I can see no reason
To be shy
I'll try
To eat them if I can
Now for I'm an insect-eating man

Bedbugs in the butter
And butterflies on the cutlery
My salad's tasty
Because it contains ladybird
Absurd, you say
But I don't see it that way
Because I'm an insect-eating man

Not hard-boiled eggs, oh, but daddy long legs
Instead of Brie, a bumble bee
Buzz buzz buzz
Forget burritos, give me mosquitoes
No broth, just moth

Ants all over my lamb shanks
And ticks on my asparagus tips
A smattering of weevil
Well, I know you think I'm evil
But believe, I'm not
They were hiding in the pepper pot
They all larvae (love an) insect eating man

Not hard boiled eggs, no, but daddy long legs
Instead of Brie, a bumble bee
Forget burritos, give me mosquitoes
No broth, just moth
One last time

Aside from honey, what do honeybees make?
A crunchy base for an insect cheesecake
Topped with beetles in their jelly
Which I prefer to black cherry
Very quaint, for sure
But now I'll eat some more
Just like an insectivore
Because I'm an insect-eating man
Oh yes I am
All together now
I'm an insect-eating man
Antenna fan
I'm an insect-eating man

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