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Witness – Sunburn lyrics

Well is that cloud painted on the sky?
Or is it simply where the canvas is blank?
I realize as I stand at the banks
Of the river at the feet of the city
Where I can see the bigger picture
And it triggers something deep within me
That would be the backdrop
Home to a million little cafes
With lattes and laptops
And that's when I noticed it
People only seem to leave their homes
To float in daydreams and postpone the loneliness

But sunshine don't mean sunburn
And a stone is only a stone if you're gonna leave them unturned
Some learn just a little quicker than others
You've gotta live like you never knew the definition of it
And sunshine don't mean sunburn
But a stone is only a stone if you're gonna leave them unturned
Some learn just a little quicker than others
You've gotta love like you never knew the definition of it

I met a girl at the Jersey Shore
That wore clip on earrings and stumbled in high heels
And no I wasn't sober when she tapped me on the shoulder
But I told her that I thought her smile wasn't quite real
And it must have been the drinks
Cause I ain't that smooth
Well it could have been the ink
She had a few tattoos
But dude it's hard to find a woman at a cover band bar
That prefers a conversation to another man's car
On the real
And maybe all she wanted was a cigarette
Or may she was just a shadow in my drunk dream
She gave a name and a number that wasn't hers
Said we all got a shadow moonlighting as a sunbeam

They tell me sleep is the cousin of death
So I would guess that a dream is the daughter of sleep
Sometimes I wonder whether Witness even exists
Or if it's just a dream that was caught in the beat
They're like kid, you got it going on
Tell me that my flow is strong
Now I'm in the basement til the break of dawn
Making songs
Seeking validation from the Hip Hop heads
Like the praise and adulation is the only thing I got left
But on the surface the water appears still
Unaffected by the children skipping stones on it's skin
Sometimes I bet it wishes it could just disappear
Like a feather in the city being blown by the wind

We all wanna disappear sometimes
But we wake up every morning just in case that sun shines

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