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Werd – We Can Move On lyrics

Uh, Yeah,
Auld Reekie mucka,

(Forgive, forget, it won't happen)
I think too much, listen to this stuff...

Forgive, forget, it won't happen,
So just accept - Things can change,
So let's not dwell on mistakes [x2]

Yo, I'm one for over-thinking,
Then over-drinking,
And on top of that, I smoke far too much,
It's not a good balance,
When you're down on your luck,
So I put on this mask,
So the people won't judge,
And cover up most of the things that I want to say,
In other words, I took, expression way,
And that at the end of the day,
Is just rap, and not a song mate,

So, maybe I should call my friends,
(Maybe that would help me),
And maybe, that's all that I need

Forgive, forget, it won't happen,
So just accept - Things can change,
So let's not dwell on mistakes [x2]

Experience is a word for mistakes we've made,
A way to explain previous pain or rage,
That all seems silly when you look back today,
But don't laugh at the past,
Embrace the change that some make,
That there is no fate,
Imagination creates shapes reality breaks,
When emotion takes over in the form of a wave,
Not visual or viable in various place,
We vacate the vicinity of violence and greed,
Stop greeting over vast and unaccountable sheep,
And corporate slaughter is in order,
Every border is weak,
Only weak being weak let's other achieve,

But that's not you, no,
And that's not we,
I know you agree,
You know that we're free,
And that's all that we seek...

And all that holds me back is me,


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