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Wally Boy Wonder – Swagger lyrics

Step inside getting tipsy
And turvey
Girl your body's bangin'
And curvy
Smash bodies
Demolition Derby
Wake up catch the worm
Little birdie
Drink liquor with juice
Like your Illinois
In the Ak Ronny Boy
Girl lookin' like a new shiny toy
On the morn of this Christmas joy
I'm an underdog
A Hoosier
Sweetheart but a street bruiser
Kangol cocked to the left like a Newsie
Watchin Bron at the Q like I'm Suzie
After dinner at Flannigan's
Irish Ale kick it
Like we're Madigan
Are you crashin at my pad again?
Game on
Catch it Caught it
Knew you would
Flame on
Get it now you got it
Now you're feelin' really good
Your country talk
Got me feelin' kinda hood

Walk with Swagger walk with swank
Naughty girl now you need spanked
Hands in my pockets and bank
Turn up the dial head crank
Talk with Swagger talk with swank
Naughty girl now you need spanked
Hands in my pockets and bank
Turn up the dial head crank

Cash in bulk
Fly out
Here I come Hollywood
Meeting 'bout my movies
Treasure searchin' with the Goonies
Full steam ahead
Pull cream with my lead
Out my pencil Central Dread
Flip flop horror red
Rum red rum red
Rosebud Kane's sled
Girl spread
Your wings in bed
As I bake bread
With butter baby
Mind in the gutter baby
Heart begins to flutter lady
As we close the shutters lady
But keep your hands
Off my greenbacks
On our midnight attack
Battle of Stony Point
So I fight back
Like the comet Shoemaker Levy Nine
With Jupiter it collides
Girl squeeze in those jeans
And glide, a mean ride
A clean bride
Go ahead and lean slide
She's green eyed, she's green eyed


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